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Location and Directions
Location and Directions

Totally remote, yet easy to get to

Nuk Tessli is located 350 kilometers north of Vancouver, in the heart of the Coast Mountains.

 It can be reached by short float plane ride from Nimpo Lake, “Floatplane capital of BC”

How to get to Nimpo Lake
By Air
Coastal Pacific Airlines offers daily morning flights from Vancouver Airport’s South Terminal to Anahim Lake. To book flights,  please look at Pacific Coastal Airlines website:
At Anahim Lake, our guests are picked up by a Tweedsmir Air representative, who provides the transportation to Nimpo Lake (15 min drive)

By Road
There are 3 main options to drive to Nimpo Lake on highway 20.
It is less then a day’s drive from the Canadian Rockies and 2 hours drive from Nimpo Lake to the ferry to Vancouver Island

  1. From Vancouver it is a day’s drive to Nimpo Lake. It is a little shorter to drive through Squamish (highway 99->highway 97->highway 20), but a more scenic route is via the Frazer River Valley (highway 1->highway 97->highway20).
  2. From Vancouver Island by BC Ferries to Bella Coola and from there a scenic 2 hours along Highway 20 to Nimpo Lake.
  3. From the East it is a day’s drive from Jasper in the Canadian Rockies (highway 16->highway 97->highway 20). It is much less then that to drive from Wells Gray Park, the nearest point in the Rockies.

Things to do in the area
Nuk Tessli located between the beautiful Bella Coola Valley and the wild Chilcotin.
Highway 20 is the only road that crosses this vast and varied expanse. From the Basalt Canyons and the rolling hills in the east, through the peaks and glaciers of the Coast Range and into the deep green valley of Bella Coola, on the Pacific Ocean.

The Chilcotin is a prime fishing country. Salmon, Steelhead, Trouts, the Chilcotin have them all. There are numerous fishing lodges along highway 20 and Nimpo Lake is the center for the fishing activity, both in the water of the local lake and the Dean River, world famous for fly fishing, and as the starting point for flying to remote fishing cabins.

West Chilcotin is first and foremost  ranching country .With beautiful and wild landscape, West Chilcotin has some of the best trail riding in North America. There are numerous ranches and outfitters throughout the Chilcotin,that offer a variety of different programs and adventures.

Canoeing and Kayaking
Hundreds of lakes, river and streams in the area  offer some great water sport options.
The Turner Lake Chain, in Tweedsmuir Park, in particular, has  fantastic canoe trip options. For rafting, the Chilko runs through Basalt Canyons. complete with  white water rapids.

Hiking and Backpacking – There are same fantastic walking options in West Chilcotin, but the country is very big and wild and can be dangerous to the inexperienced hiker. It is possible to go for some short hikes from Highway 20, but to see the real wilderness in all its glory, it is necessary to fly to the more remote areas.
Nuk Tessli is the only place in the Chilcotin whose main focus is hiking. A network of hiking trails lead to the Alpine country and the peaks around. With the comfort of the cabins, this is the place for the hikers.

Bella Coola Valley
Bella Coola VallyThe Bella Coola Valley is west of The Coast Range and  opens up  to the Pacific Ocean,  It is deep and narrow valley, with big granite cliffs on both sides. The valley is very green, covered with impressive rain forest, that is home to  very heavy Brown Bear population.

Bear Watching
This is the prime activity is the Valley. From September, when the Salmon start swimming up rivers, there are great places to bears fishing. It is possible to see them along Highway 20, from a raft on one of the rivers, or from a boat in the Fyords of the Pacific Ocean.

The rivers in the valley carry big Salmon runs and the fishing is great. It is also possible to go out fishing with a boat in the fyords out of Bella Coola

Bella Coola Valley

There are few marked trails in the Bella Coola Valley. Some of them are close to highway 20,  mainly forest trails. Some of the trails are higher and goe through Alpine country. To get to thigher trails, it is necessary to drive on gravel roads, or to fly in.

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