Guided Programs

All programs are available all season long so you can choose your own dates or just join a “fixed-date” program.

During the season we offer a number programs with fixed dates.

More dates: In addition to the “fixed-date” programs you see above, it is possible to come to Nuk Tessli on any given date (depending on availability) and we will make a program tailor made to your needs like the following suggestions.

Mountains and Lakes – 5 Days

Hiking level: Easy

Day 1 – Float Plane flight from Nimpo Lake to Nuk Tessli.

A beautiful flight over pure wilderness, into the heart of the Coast Range.

In the afternoon we will go for a short hike to a lookout point above the lake.

Day 2 – Hiking the Mammeries Loop.

Day 3 – Today we’ll have an easier day where will canoe to Boundray Lake and hike around it to the beaver dam and back.

Day 4 – Hiking and Canoeing the “Angelhart Lake loop”.

Day 5 – Easy morning on the lake, fishing or a short hike and a flight back to Nimpo Lake.

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The Nuk Tessli Classic – 8 days
Hiking level: Easy – medium.

Day 1 – A Float Plane flight from Nimpo Lake to Nuk Tessli.This is a beautiful flight over pure wilderness into the heart of the Coast Range.In the afternoon we will go for a short hike to a lookout point above the lake.

Day 2 – Hiking the Mummeries Loop.

Day 3 – Hiking and Canoeing the “Angealheart Lake Loop”.

Day 4 – Today is all about relaxing in front of the beautiful scenery. You can Fish, go on short easy canoe tours or just relax and read a book in the sun. We might move this day according to the weather.

Day 5 – Hiking and Canouing to Flat Top Mountain. We will make camp next to a small pond. From this place we have seen the Northen Lights in the past.

Day 6 – We will climb to the Mid Pyramid of Flat Top Mountain and from there we will continue to Wilderness Valley, making camp in front of the beautiful Wilderness Glacier.

Day 7 – We will hike down Wilderness Valley towards Nuk Tessli Lake. From the south side of the lake we will canoe for about 40 minutes to Nuk Tessli.

Day 8 – Morning flight to Nimpo Lake.All the necessary equipment for our camps is already on site, so there is no need to carry heavy packs for  the overnight trip.

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Yearly Exploration – Fish Lake – 8 days
Hiking level: Medium.

This winter we explored the alpine area of Fish Lake and decided to keep exploring it during the summer. Fish Lake is located at 5700 feet, above tree line, in the high alpine country. This trip is an exploration trip of an area we have not traveled in summer yet and it should be full of beautiful scenery, blue lakes and flowing glaciers.
Day 1 – We will meet at Stewart’s Lodge at 12:00pm. From there, a short float plane flight will take us to Fish Lake, where we will establish our tent camp. From there we will go to a nice view point of the area, 1000 feet above our camp.

Day 2 – Today we will climb to the highest peak around Fish Lake. It is a no name peak, 7601 feet high. This is our most difficult day but the view from the top should be worth it all. The night will be spent at the same tent camp.

Day 3 – In the morning we will pack our camp and head to the far end of the valley where we will cross to the Upper MaClinchy Valley. We will make camp next to one of the small lakes in the high country.

Day 4 – Today we will hike to the wild high country, east of Wilderness Mountain and make camp next to a small lake, just under a beautiful glacier.

Day 5 – It is time to see Nuk Tessli. The hike to Nuk Tessli will take us over the Northern slops of Wilderness Mountain into the Wilderness Valley and down to Nuk Tessli along our trail.

Day 6 – A day on water. using canoes and kayaks we will explore all three lakes in the Nuk Tessli Valley.

Day 7 –  morning flight will take us back to Stewart’s Lodge in Nimpo Lake.

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The Great Tweedsmuir Expedition – 6 days

Suitable for strong hikers.

Day 1 – First we will meet at noon at Stewarts Lodge in Nimpo Lake. From here we will fly for 25 minutes with float plane to Ape Lake. This is one of the most beautiful mountain flights that can be experienced. We will camp near the lake and go explore a big glacier west of the lake.

Day 2 – 25 years ago Ape Lake experienced a huge catastrophe that changed its draining system. The pressure of the water broke the glacier that blocked the lake from the south, causing huge flood to come down the valley, destroying everything in its path, all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

We will walk along the new river toward the glacier that once blocked the lake. A small inflatable Kayak will be used to cross the river along the way. The area that will be explored was covered with ice only 25 years ago. Since that time no vegetation has been able to grow, therefore making the landscape resemble the moon. We will walk to the face of the glacier and to the big lake that forms below. An ice wall a few hundred meters long rises above the water. While eating lunch, we’ll enjoy a nice view of the many icebergs that float on the lake and the surrounding scenery. In the after noon we will walk back to our tents for another night near Ape Lake.

Day 3 – Another day of exploring the Ape glacier area. We will hike up along the glaicer moraine to a wonderful view point.

Day 4 – Today we will pack the camp and start to walk towards Jacobson Lake. We will walk along the western shore of Ape Lake and then we will continue to the rocky ridge above the huge Jacobson Glacier. We will spend the night near a small lake in a beautiful setting.

Day 5 – We will continue along the ridge above the glacier toward Jacobson Lake. We will use a small outboard boat to explore the lake and the glacier that flows into it. In the afternoon we will make camp for the last night spent in tents.

Day 6 – A morning flight back to Nimpo Lake.

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