Nuk Tessli

Nuk Tessli Wilderness Experience
A hiker’s paradise in the Coast Mountains B.C.

Nuk Tessli is located on the shores of a high altitude (1600 metres) alpine lake in the heart of the Coast Mountains. The location was chosen and developed as an alpine refuge by the well known wilderness dweller, Chris Czajkowski, who single handedly build the cabins in 1991 and lived in and operated the cabins until 2012. The three log cabins are nestled in an alpine forest. in the most pristine and secluded setting in the world.

Since 2012, Nuk Tessli is owned and operated by Doron Erel and  Sela Bucovetsky – a father and son team with a wealth of experience in wilderness hiking, trekking, canoeing and mountaineering.

The centre has been renovated and refurbished. Including the upgrading the cabins and the trail system. More work is done every summer.
Nuk Tessli is both a gateway to a remote and unique wilderness, that remains largely unexplored, and also a refuge. offering isolated beauty and utter privacy.

Cabins and surroundings

Cabin in Nuk Tessli

We have three fully equipped log cabins for rent and an additional dining cabin.

Each cabin has a main space and a loft for accommodation of up to 6 people.
The cabins are equipped with wood stoves, compost toilets, solar powered lights,USB charging outlets, bedding and lakefront views.

Dining is in the main cabin, either on the outdoor deck, if the weather allows for it, or inside, if not. The main cabin is also equipped with a communication center equipped with satellite wi-fi connection 110V outlets.

There is also a hot tub located close to the lakeshore that allows the bather majestic views of the mountains and the surrounding areas.

Close to the cabins is an extensive network of maintained trails that provides access to the surrounding peaks and lakes.  Canoes and an outboard are provided for the exploration of the abundant network  of interconnected waterways and also as a means to easy access to further trailheads and fishing, of course.


Nuk Tessli

The Coast Mountains are the main range in the Pacific Mountain Range. They stretch for 1600 kilometres, from the Vancouver area, in the south. to Alaska in the north. The main range consists of high peaks and very large ice fields. All the 20 highest mountains in Canada are located in the Coast Mountains. Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, is number 21.

Just like the neighbouring range, the Canadian Rockies, the Coast Mountains are a result of tectonic forces that were created by the sinking of the Pacific Ocean plate under North America’s west coast. It is the same forces that are responsible for all the mountains in the west part of the continent, from the Coast Mountains along the Pacific Ocean to the Black Hills in South Dakota. In the Coast Range, the process started 130 million years ago with an arc of volcanic islands that pushed east toward the North America continent. It reached its peak about 65 million years ago and was followed by volcanic activity that ended about 50 million years ago.


Hiking in BC CanadaNuk Tessli is located east of the main range. The main range serves as a barrier blocking most of the storms that usually arrive from the sea, and the summers are very sunny and relatively dry.
Summer temperature is ranges from 15 – 25 degrees Celsius during the day and 5-13 degrees at night.
However, Nuk Tessli is located high, in the heart of the mountains, and bad weather can happen any time of the year.
The lake usually freezes in Mid November and it is free from ice again in the second week of June. In The summer, water is 10 – 15 degrees, warm enough to jump into the lake for a short dip.

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