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Doron Erel
Doron ErelDoron Erel is a experienced professional mountaineer and guide. Doron started climbing at the age 15 and his climbing resume spans the globe and includes  climbing and mountaineering experience on seven continents in all the world’s major ranges. In 1992, he first summitted Everest and thereafter completed climbing the 7 summits.

In 2004 Doron Erel established “Breaking the Ice” an international non-profit organization dedicated to pursuing conflict resolution through experience-based outdoor activities.
Within this organization, he initiated and led the first joint Israeli – Palestinian climbing expedition to Antarctica and, with the cooperation of Outward Bound, organized similar expeditions in North Carolina and the French Alps.

Sela BucovetskySela Bucovetsky
Sela is an accomplished canoeist, an avid kayaker and skier and has hiked and climbed extensively in British Columbia, the Canadian Rockies, Alaska and the Himalayas.

He has recently returned from a year in the Rockies and Alaska, exploring the mountain playground and skiing extensively.
Sela is Doron’s eldest son and has been assisting his father on hiking and canoeing trips in British Columbia and the French Alps for the past six years.
Sela is fully committed to ecotourism and fostering a greater appreciation of our natural habitats. He is also dedicated  to the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency and water conservation.

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