Nuk Tessli
Day trips from Nimpo lake

Float Plane/Hiking/Canoeing – Joint operation with Tweedsmuir Air

North Pass Lake –  Nuk Tessli

Fly into North Pass Lake with a Float Plane. From here we will go hiking in the Alpine country around. We will see some amazing panoramas of glaciers and big mountains. We will climb to the ridge line above the lake and from there we will walk down though meadows and pine forests to Nuk Tessli Lake. Canoes will wait for us on the lake shore. It is 20 minutes on the water to Nuk Tessli. Evening flight beck to Nimpo Lake.

Price: Will be updated soon

JacobsonLake – Ice Symphony

Float Plane flight over Tweedsmiur Park to Jacobson Lake. We will land on the frozen waters of Jacobson Lake. The lake is fed by a large glacier that reaches the water’s edge.  A big wall of ice blocks the west side of the lake and fills the water with larges icebergs. We will use a small  inflatable outboard canoe to travel between those ice bergs and we will walk on the polished rooks that the glacier left behind only few years ago Evening flight back to Nimpo Lake

Price: Will be updated soon

Hunlen Falls – The highest free fall waterfall in Canada

Flight to Turner Lake in Tweedsmuir Park. We will hike to a view point above the falls, to see the water drop 460 metres, and paddle canoes on the lake. Evening flight to Nimpo Lake

Price: $290

All Daily trips are guided and include lunch.

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