“Nuk Tessli is located on the shores of a beautiful high altitude lake in the

heart of the Coast Mountains. It is owned by a father and son team, Doron

Erel and Sela Bucovetsky, who have a wealth of experience in wilderness

hiking, trekking, canoeing, and mountaineering. With renovated cabins, they

are turning this area into a hiker’s paradise. Follow my Newsletters and you

can see for yourself what an amazing hiking area this is…then connect with

Doron. You can hike their well-cairned trails on your own, or be assisted by

Doron’s incredible team of guides. Either way, it is a hiker’s paradise.”

 Chris Harris, Newsletter August 2014, BC, Canada.

“I have known other people who sold properties they had lovingly developed to new

owners with whom they had little in common. They were instantly alienated from

there lifetime’s work. I am fortunate that Doron and his family will cherish Nuk

Tessli in the same way that I did. I will remain friends with Doron and never lose my

connection with these mountains.”

  Chris Czajkowsky, founder and former owner of Nuk Tessli, BC, Canada.



“Every day was a gift to be in your mountains. I could go on and on, the week was so special…but I will end with two words that mean so much, Thanks You.”

Brenda Leslie, Prince George, BC, Canada.

“There are no words to describe this trip… just fabulous experience hiking with such great company.”

Andrea, Prince George, BC, Canada.

“Your Guidance in this wonderful area will not be forgotten…Your attitude – hard to beat.”

Michal, Dror, Dalia and Udi, Palo Alto, California, USA.

“Thank you for your friendship and warm hospitality. Doron and Suzan, you have created an amazing community. Your wonderfull woofers have helped make the experience at Nuk Tessli extra special.”

Chu Wu, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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