The Chilcotin Coast Experience

The Chilcotin - Coast offers an adventure like no other in BC's untouched and remote wilderness.

Hiking, Canoeing, Fishing, Grizzly bear viewing and so much more!

Nuk Tessli Wilderness Experience is proud to be part of the Chilcotin Coast Experience association of fine resorts.

See the Chilcotin Coast website for more info regarding your vacation.

This area is refered to by many as 'The Last Frontier' for it's unique beauty and diverse ecosystems. The Chilcotin - Coast region offers some of the most dramatic expanses of wilderness in North America. This region includes the Great Bear Rainforest and the Chilcotin Ark, two of the most spectacular and untouched wilderness regions in North America. The 456km of Highway 20 provides an easy access to this prime vacation and adventure area.

The Chilcotin Coast Experience is four special resorts, set in a unique and diverse landscape all along Highway 20 from Bella Coola to Williams Lake. It offers great wilderness experience for affordable prices. We'll be happy to assist you to plan a great trip in the Chilcotin - Coast wilderness.

Bella Coola Valley and the Great Bear Rainforest

Bella Coola is part of the very special Great Bear Rainforest. It's located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean at the end of a very long and beautiful fjord. The Bella Coola valley offers many different experiences like Grizzly Bear viewing, hiking, fjord tours, rock climbing and more.
Bella Coola Grizzly Tours offers a variety of wonderful activities. You can take an amazing day tour aboard the 42-foot MV Nekhani through the scenic glacial fjords. Take a full day tour to see the the beautiful wilderness hot springs and First Nations pictrographs, have a delicious sea food lunch and look for wildlife at the fantastic Discovery Coast with your guide, Leonard, who has over 30 years of experience on these waters.

Another option will be to do a land based tour of the scenic valley and see ancient petroglyphs, giant Red Ceders, Grizzly bears and Bald Eagles.

Make Bella Coola Grizzly Tours part of your vacation at the Chilcotin Coast Experience website.

The West Chilcotin

The West Chilcotin is located where the plateau meets the Coast Mountains. In this special area you can find the lovely Eagle's Nest Resort. The resort is located 10km off Highway 20 near the town of Anahim Lake surrounded by magical forest, a beautiful lake and scenic mountain ranges rising beyond and offers a beautiful and comfortable place to stay in the wilderness.

There's much to do around Eagles's Nest Resort:

  • The resort offers canoes you can use to explore Anahim Lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery, looking for pelicans, beaver lodges, and much more.

  • Enjoy the special migration route over Eagle Nest Resort.

  • Go hiking the beautiful Rainbow Range Trail in historic Tweedsmuir Park.

  • Go to the Precipice, an ancient volcanic canyon.

  • Float plane tours over the massive Hunlen Falls, the rainbow mountains and more.

  • Have a drink, relax in the guest garden and forget about any troubles in your life.

Check out more info about Eagles's Nest resort at the Chilcotin Coast Experience website.

Tweedsmuir Park and Monarch Ice field

Nuk Tessli is located and the edge of Tweedsmuir Park and the Monarch Mountain massif. It is accessible only by a float plane leaving from Nimpo Lake. Nuk Tessli is a wilderness, cabin based hiking centre, surrounded by big mountains, green forests, lakes, glaciers and no one else around. No road and no tourists.

Nuk tessli offers a unique BC wilderness experience like no other in a prime location. NT offers many experiences:

  • Go on a guided or unguided day hikes from the traditional log cabins.

  • Go on a three lake canoe exprience starting at the cabins and ending at Boundary Lake.

  • Experience the massive Monarch Ice Field by going on a full day (guided) to the Ice Berg Lake (Jacobson Lake) where you'll experience the glaciers from up close. Really close.

  • Tent camping with the NT crew at Symphony Lake (Ape Lake) and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience of pure untouched heavenly nature.

  • Advanced backpacking trip from Ape Lake to Jacobson Lake with scenery that you will not experience anywhere else. A spectacular experience.

  • Go on a guided hiking day to Canada's 3rd Highest Waterfall, Hunlen falls.

The Chilcotin Grasslands

There are so many different landscapes in the Chilcotin. On the East part of the Chilcotin Plateau, you can find beautiful grass lands, sand dunes, really deep canyons and Bighorn sheep.

The Historic Chilcotin Lodge is located in the heart of this great land where you can enjoy and explore it. Brenda, Kurt, and Kris, your hosts, offer warm service, charming rooms and delicious meals at their charming and unique frontier lodge. The lodge is located just 30 min West of Williams Lake along Highway 20, the perfect spot for the beginning or end of your Chilcotin - Coast vacation.

The lodge offers easy access to Farwell Canyon: a desert-like area of sand dunes and hoodoos. A rafting adventure on the scenic Chilcotin River can be an amazing experience.

Wander through Junction Sheep Range Park, where you'll find a sculpted landscape of desert-like grasslands and deeply eroded gullies. The junction of the Fraser River and the Chilcotin River is home to a significant herd of wild California Bighorn Sheep.

Book your stay at the Historic Chilcotin Lodge at the Chilcotin Coast Experience website.

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Located near Nimpo Lake, British Columbia, Canada