Special Trips / Glaciers & Ice Lakes

Our special trips will take you into the heart of the Coastal Mountains, to remote and untouched backcountry wilderness that will leave you with memories you won't forget.


Ape Lake (Symphony Lake):

Ape Lake is a small and beautiful lake located between many big peaks and two massive glaciers.

The Ape Lake area offers several hiking days. Some of the hiking areas used to be the bottom of Ape Lake (up until the late 1980's), making this area so unique and amazing.

Ape Lake is usually explored as a over night trip. We use a small tent camp as our base and go on day hikes from it.

Pricing: Group of two -  $949 CAD, Group of three - $759 CAD, Group of four - $664CAD, Group of five - $733CAD, Group of six - $611CAD.

*prices per person. The price doesn't include 5% tax. Prices can change.


Jacobson Lake - Iceberg Lake:

Jacobson Lake is an amazing glacial fed lake, surrounded by many peaks and two massive glaciers. The Jacobson glacier is part of the Monarch Ice Field (the biggest ice field out of the arctic circle) and flows right into Jacobson Lake.

A day at Jacobson Lake includes a ride with a motor boat in front of the face of the glacier and later, a short land excursion to the glacier itself. The best thing about enjoying this amazing scenery is that you'll be all alone.

This can be done as a day excursion or spending the night in comfortable hunting tents in the most outstanding place possible.

This trip requires a float plane flight.

Pricing: Group of two/three -  $693 CAD, Group of four - $520 CAD, Group of five - $653 CAD, Group of six - $545 CAD.

*prices per person. The price doesn't include 5% tax. Prices can change.


Ape Lake to Jacobson Lake backpacking trip:

Can't decide witch lake you want to visit more? We offer a spectacular 4 nights/5 days strenuous backpacking trip that combines the best of both worlds.

Starting with a couple nights at Ape Lake, using our tent camp as a base camp for day hikes.

Then, we pack all the gear on our backs and hike to Azor Lake. Here, we'll spend the night in front of the glaciers and some amazing views of Jacobson Lake.

From there, we'll continue hiking to Jacobson Lake where a small boat will be waiting, to take us to our hunting tent camp. This day is very strenuous and probably one of the best days of hiking you can do in North America.

On our last day, we'll see the Jacobson glacier up close.