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Ape Lake to Jacobson Lake backpacking trip

Our annual backpacking trip will take us to the amazing Ape Lake, Jacobson Lake and much more

Day 1 - Arriving at Nuk Tessli

You'll start your BC wilderness adventure by taking a 20 min float plane flight from Nimpo Lake to Nuk Tessli, arriving at about noon.

After you get organized in your cabin, you'll make some sandwiches and go on a half day hike to the Look Out Point. From the top, you'll get a great scenic view of the area you're going to explore on this trip.

Day 2 - Angelheart Lake Loop hike

After a good breakfast, we'll be going on a full day hike to Angealheart Lake. The hike starts with a short boat ride to the Sandy Beach, where the trail head is.

After an hour of hiking up the forest we'll get above tree line and the beautiful view of Wilderness Mountain will be in our backs, making us turn around quite often. Then, the trail will take us to Angelheart Lake, going through North Pass Lake.

From Angealheart Lake, we'll get a great view of the mountains to the South.

After a short break we'll start our decent to Nuk Tessli where a warm hot tub will be waiting for you.

Day 3 - Boundary Lake canoeing day

Today we'll take a break from hiking and try some canoeing.

Our objective - Boundary Lake. Boundary Lake is located just on the Tweedsmuir Park boundaries.

A short ride with the small motor boat will take us to the end of Whitton Lake, where we'll hike for about 150 m to Cohen Lake and to the start of our canoeing experience.

On the way, we might see some Bald Eagles and their massive nests.

We'll paddle Cohen Lake to it's end, while enjoying the amazing feeling of true wilderness, the cool breeze and hopefully some Canadian Loons.

At the end of Cohen Lake, we'll leave the canoes and hike for about 2 km to Boundary Lake through some beautiful meadows full with flowers and mushrooms.

At Boundary Lake we'll paddle to one of the islands and have lunch.

Day 4 - Ape Lake

Today we'll fly to Ape Lake and start our glacier adventurer.

An amazing flight will take us to Ape Lake. Taking us over the massive Monarch Ice Field.

We'll set up our tent camp at Ape Lake and go for a day hike to get closer to the impressive glacier.

With some luck we'll be able to explore the waterfalls, ice cave and much more.

Day 5 - Ape Glacier

Our adventure at Ape Lake will take us today to Ape Glacier. On our way, we'll cross a couple rivers and walk on the bottom of the old Ape Lake.

Our route will take us through some amazing rock formations shaped by the glacier.

We'll head back to camp in the afternoon for our second and last night at Ape Lake.


Day 6 - Azur Lake

Our backpacking part of our trip will start with packing up camp backpacking to Azur Lake.

Our trail will take us along the glacier and above the tree line to Azur Lake.

A small and beautiful alpine lake on the edge of a small glacier.

This is lake is a small little peace of heaven with views like no other.

Day 7 - Heading to Jacobson Lake

Today is our most challenging and adventurous day.

Our trail will take us down from Azur Lake along the ridge over Jacobson Glacier to the edge of the lake where a small boat will be waiting for us to take us to the far end of the lake where we'll set up our tent camp.

The trail will take us through some amazing view points that will give us a glimpse of the enormity of the Monarch Ice Field.

Day 8 - Jacobson Lake

Jacobson Lake is located in the heart of the Coastal Mountains and it's truly one of the most unique and wild places in BC.

We'll start our day with breakfast in front of the glaciers. 

Then we'll go on a small boat and go for a ride in front of the glacier wall that flows and breaks into the lake. If we're lucky, we might see some ice breaking.

Then, we'll dock in a safe place and hike for about 30 minutes to the edge of the glacier. On the way, we'll get some amazing views of the glacier from above it.

In the afternoon, we'll return back to Nimpo Lake for a final night before going home.

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