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Our food

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Our food

Your unique experience at Nuk Tessli doesn't end at the end of your hiking trail.

At Nuk Tessli, our fresh and healthy family-style food is a delicious embodiment of nature's abundance, bringing warmth and nourishment to every meal.

Our meals:

Breakfast - Eggs, freshly baked bread (homemade), homemade yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, different spreads etc.

Lunch -  After breakfast, we'll put out a platter of fresh veggies and greens, cheese slices, lunch-meats, fresh fruit, granola bars, jam, Nutella etc. You'll make your own sandwiches for the day.

Dinner -  After a long day of hiking and maybe some hot tub relaxing it's time for a big and healthy dinner. Our chefs will prepare amouth watering dinner with a verity of salads a main dish, side dishes and a sweet dessert. All freshly made.

Snacks - When you come back from your hike you'll find the snack box (aka the Snack Tessli box) full of all kinds of goodies: Cookies, granola bars, cake etc.

*All meals are included in our price.

**Please contact us for and dietary issues and concerns.




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