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Nuk Tessli is surrounded by a vast network of hiking trails.

The hiking trails includes easy 2.5 hikes as well as strenuous 13 hours hikes to the big peaks around Nuk Tessli.

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Nuk Tessli offers amazing day/over night tours to Jacobson Lake and Ape Lake, beautiful lakes surrounded by massive glaciers flowing into the lakes.  A wilderness adventure like no other.

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Nuk Tessli is located on the shores of a beautiful lake, Whitton Lake.

Whitton Lake is connected to a chain of lakes that could be all explored in beautiful canoeing days. Canoeing the Turner Lakes to Hunlen Falls is also possible.

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There is much to do arround Nuk Tessli and along Highway 20:

Bear viewing, Fishing, hiking in the Bellac Coola Valley, The Rainbow range and much more.

Explore the great outdoors along Highway 20 from Williams Lake to Bella Coola.

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Want to see an example of a trip to Nuk Tessli? Press here



Located near Nimpo Lake, British Columbia, Canada

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