Our Story

Nuk Tessli lodge is located on the shores of a high altitude (1600 metres) alpine lake in the heart of the Coastal Mountains, in the Chilcotin area of British Columbia, Canada.

The three log cabins are nestled in a picturesque alpine forest, in the most pristine and secluded setting in the world.

Nuk Tessli provides access to a wilderness hiking experience in a truly remote natural setting without the drawbacks of tent camping or backpacking, and with all the creature comforts including cozy log cabins, warm beds, showers, hearty meals and experienced guides and crew.

The location of the cabins was originally chosen as an alpine refuge by the well-known wilderness dweller and author, Chris Czajkowski.

Since 2011, Nuk Tessli has been off-grid ecotourism centre specializing in unique tailor-made hiking and canoeing trips, operated by a father (Doron) and son (Sela) team with a wealth of experience all over the world in wilderness hiking, trekking, canoeing, mountaineering and more.

Nuk Tessli has been renovated and refurbished, including upgrading the cabins and the hiking trails system.  Nuk Tessli is both a gateway to a remote and unique wilderness, that remains largely unexplored, and also a refuge, offering isolated beauty and utter privacy.


From let to Right: Sela, Doron, Suzan, Amotz, Dylan and Sosa the family dog

Who we are


Doron Erel

Doron is a professional mountain climber, adventurer, writer and motivational speaker.

Doron began his life as a mountaineer in his early 20's, climbing every peak possible around Chamonix Mont Blanc, France. After spending a few years in the Alps, Doron started going on mountinaeering adventures all over the world, many in remote Nepal and Alaska.

In 1992, Doron become the first Israeli to reach the summit of Mt Everest and number 281 in the world! After achieving his childhood dream of climbing Mt Everest, Doron set a new goal of climbing the Seven Summits.

In addition, Doron has traveled all over the world on different adventures following his heart. In 2011 Doron set on a new adventure - Nuk Tessli and has been part of this family operation ever since.


Sela Bucovetsky

Sela is Doron's eldest son and has been his main partner on this amazing project of Nuk Tessli.

Sela is an avid adventurer, skier, mountaineer and a certified ACMG Assistant Hiking guide. Sela had traveled all over the world though mainly in Alaska, the US and Western Canada.

Sela and his family has been running Nuk Tessli together since 2011, making this amazing Canadian wilderness accessible to avid hikers from all over the world.

Sela also has a B.S.c in Mechanical Engineering and Alternative Energy and he has been working hard to make Nuk Tessli as green as possible.

In addition, Sela works as a ACMG hiking guide in the Canadian Rockies.