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Our suggested trip to Nuk Tessli

This is an example for our suggested stay at Nuk Tessli but it's just one of many options of trip variations to Nuk Tessli.

We'll be happy to tailor make a trip that will suit you best. The pricing stays the same.

Day 1 - Arriving at Nuk Tessli

You'll start your adventure in the Chilcotin by taking a 20 min float plane flight from Nimpo Lake to Nuk Tessli, arriving around noon.

After you get organized in your private cabin, you'll make some sandwiches (homemade bread included) and go on a half-day hike to the Look Out Point.
From the top, you'll get a great scenic view of the special area you're going to explore on this trip.

Day 2 - Angelheart Lake Loop hike

After a hearty breakfast, we'll be going on a full-day hike to Angealheart Lake. The hike starts with a short boat ride to the Sandy Beach, where the trail head is.

After an hour of hiking up the forest, we'll get above the treeline and the beautiful view of Wilderness Mountain and Flat Top Mountain will be on our backs, making us turn around quite often in wonder.
Then, the trail will take us to Angelheart Lake, going through North Pass Lake.

From Angealheart Lake, we'll get a great view of the massive Coastal Mountains to the South.

After a short break, we'll start our descent to Nuk Tessli where a warm hot tub will be waiting for you.

Day 3 - Boundary Lake canoeing day

Today, we'll take a break from hiking and try some canoeing.

Our objective - Boundary Lake. Boundary Lake is located just on the Tweedsmuir Park boundaries.

A short ride with the motor boat will take us to the end of Nuk Tessli Lake, where we'll hike for about 150m to Cohen Lake and to the start of our canoeing experience.

On the way, we might see some Bald Eagles and their massive nests.

We'll paddle Cohen Lake to it's end, while enjoying the amazing feeling of true wilderness, the refreshing breeze and hopefully some Canadian Loons.

At the end of Cohen Lake, we'll leave the canoes and hike for about 2.5 km to Boundary Lake through beautiful meadows, with many-a-colored flowers in full bloom, and plethora of mushroom varieties.

At Boundary Lake, we'll paddle to one of the islands and have lunch.
No portaging needed!

Day 4 - The Mammaries

After yesterday's rest from hiking, today we'll hike up to The Mammaries. The spectacular view from the top of this trail will give you the feel of a classic wild BC hike.

There's nothing better then having lunch in front of the massive Monarch Mountain massif and Tweedsmuir Park's amazing mountains and glaciers.

Day 5 - Ape Lake (Symphony Lake)

One of the highlights of a trip to Nuk Tessli is exploring the glacial terrain of Ape Lake.
The day will start with a 20 min flight over the massive Monarch Ice Field into Ape Lake. It's hard to describe how incredible this place really is: Big mountains, glaciers all around and colorful tarns like you've never seen before.
On our hike, we'll look for ice caves, interesting ice formations, amazing rock formations and maybe, if we're brave enough, we'll jump into a few of the colorful pools.

In the afternoon, we'll return back to Nuk Tessli for a dip in the amazing hot tub.

October has the most perfect days at Nuk
Paint Brush in July.JPG
On top of Flat Top Mountain.jpg
Lunch at Ape Lake.JPG

Day 6 - The Three Brothers

We love our canoeing at Nuk Tessli but we don't like to portage the canoes from one lake to another.

The Three Brothers is another of our canoe / hiking days where you will canoe two lakes without portaging any of the gear and finally hike up to a beautiful viewing point with a whole new angle on the area.

This is an easier day and still on of our best.

Day 7 - Flat Top Mountain

Alright, you've rested enough and it's time to end your trip at Nuk Tessli on a high note.

Flat Top Mountain is a strenuous but extremely rewarding day.
The trail starts with a short canoe paddle and a hike through the forest. Quite quickly we'll get above tree line and into the Alpine.
At this point there's no trail, only a path.
The hike up might be long and high but the views are incredible and the beautiful tarn on top of the mountain with the impressive scenery of the Coastal Mountain will make this hike a hike to remember.

Day 8 - Back to Nimpo Lake

If you didn't get the chance to go to Sunrise Point, this is the time to wake up early and enjoy an unforgettable moment.

After breakfast you'll get the chance to sit down, relax and enjoy Nuk Tessli before the float plane comes to take you back to Nimpo Lake.

Ice Cave ar Ape Lake.jpg
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