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Backcountry Hiking

Nuk Tessli is surrounded by a vast network of hiking and backpacking trails - come and explore them all!


Lookout Loop

2-4 hours | 205m elevation gain | easy:

This hike is usually done on the day you arrive at Nuk Tessli.

It's a half day hike to the closest view point of the Nuk Tessli wilderness.

Here you'll see the area you're going to explore in the next few days.

The view point is surrounded by lots of lightning struck trees, giving them a very twisted and beautiful look.

The Three Brothers Trail

5 hours | 150m elevation gain | easy:
This wonderful trail combines both hiking and canoeing.
The trail starts by going through Chris's Meadows where you'll encounter many beautiful flowers. From there the trail goes up to Jetha Lake where you'll find canoes to paddle to the other side. Another short hike will bring you to Maila Lake where you'll find more canoes that you'll use to paddle to the other side.
The hike then will take you around Kancha Lake and up to a beautiful viewing point, mainly to the East.

Otter lake

Around The Lake

3-5 hours | 0 M elevation gain | easy:

This is a simple and nice walk around Whitton Lake.

This hike can be combined with canoeing to the Sandy Beach and then hiking back. Or the other way around.

The trail can also be used for connecting to other trails, like the trail to Wilderness Lake.

Usually this trail is used as a part of another trail or as part of an easy day that includes paddling the canoe to the Sandy Beach or the end of the lake and then hiking back.

Around the lake

Angelheart Lake/North Pass

6-8 hours | 550m elevation gain | moderate:

This is one of the best hikes around. It can be done as a shorter version to North Pass Lake or a longer version going to Angelheart Lake.

Both trails have spectacular views of the Monarch massif.

The trail back goes through big open meadows with lots of flowers and little streams.

There's a spectacular view from the top of North Pass.


The Mammaries Loop

5-7 hours | 630m elevation gain | moderate:

A great hiking day that goes straight up to two small peaks with amazing views of the Monarch massif, Wilderness mountain, Anvil mountain and much more.

The navigation on this trail is quite easy.

The trail goes straight up through the forest and meadows and opens up to an amazing view all around.

Flat Top

Flat Top Mountain Loop

10 hours | 880m elevation gain | strenuous:

This amazing hike will take you to the top of Flat Top Mountain and back to Nuk Tessli through Cohen Lake. It's an amazing but strenuous day.

Usually done by strong hikers who are willing to work and play hard.

Navigation App:

Gaia is a great navigation app (free).

You can download offline maps and load all gpx files.

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