Hot Tub, Showers and more

The famous outdoor Hot Tub

The first thing we did when we went into Nuk Tessli back in 2012 was so put in an outdoor wooden heated hot tub in front of the Monarch Mountain.

There's nothing more rewarding than enjoying the sunset in a deliciously warm hot tub with a cold beer/glass of wine in your hand, after a long day's hike.

This hot tub is the best place to relax, forget about all the troubles in the world and unwind.

The biggest treat is combining the warm hot tub with short dipping in the cold water of the lake.

The hot tub is available everyday from about 2pm until midnight.

Shower Cabin

A new Heat-On-Demand shower is available for those who prefer a warm shower over the hot tub soak.

The shower is heated with propane in the Heat-On-Demand method, thus available 24/7.

At the entrance to the Shower Cabin, you'll see our hand turning washing machine.

Canoes, Kayaks and SUP

Since Nuk Tessli is on the shore of an amazing lake we have Canoes, Kayaks and a SUP for you to explore the lake, the little magical spots and of course Sunrise Point and the Lonely Bench.

Decks, Benches and hammocks

The are many peaceful and magical spots to sit and read or just stare at the amazing wilderness around you at Nuk Tessli.

Don't forget to explore the Secret Bench, the Spirit Bench, the Food Cabin Deck, to relax on one of the hammocks!