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Nuk Tessli offers great canoeing days.

In addition to our canoe fleet, we also offer a variety of other water vessels including Kayaks, SUP etc.

Boundary Lake | full day | easy - moderate:

This amazing canoe day will take you canoeing through three beautiful lakes. You'll be the only ones on the water. Just you and the nature. Perfect.

This day starts with canoeing Whitton Lake to its far end, where you'll find new canoes waiting for you to paddle to Cohen Lake.

From the end of Cohen Lake, it's a 1.5 km hike to the canoes waiting for you at Boundary Lake.

There's no need to carry your paddles or canoes.


The Three Brothers Trail

5 hours | 150m elevation gain | easy:
This wonderful trail combines both hiking and canoeing.
The trail starts by going through Chris's Meadows where you'll encounter many beautiful flowers. From there the trail goes up to Jetha Lake where you'll find canoes to paddle to the other side. Another short hike will bring you to Maila Lake where you'll find more canoes that you'll use to paddle to the other side.
The hike then will take you around Kancha Lake and up to a beautiful viewing point, mainly to the East.

Thre brothers

Whitton Lake | easy:

You can use the Nuk Tessli's canoes, kayaks, SUP's and floaties to either enjoy an afternoon paddle to the lonely bench, lovers cove, submarged bench, sunrise point, snady beach or to some of the hiking trail heads.

Whitton Lake

Tweedsmuir Provincial Park / Turner Lake chain

easy - moderate:

Tweedsmuir Park offers great canoeing days.

A short float plane flight to the Turner Lake chain where you can canoe for the day and have a great view of the amazing Hunlen Falls. The 3rd largest falls in Canada!

The short hiking trail will take you to two spectacular views of the waterfalls.

One just above the spot where the water drops into the abyss, and one from a distance where you can admire the huge falls in their entirety.

Turner Lake
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