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Nuk Tessli's frequently asked questions

How do we get to Nuk Tessli?

The float plane flights leave for Nuk Tessli from a small town called Nimpo Lake.

You can get there by car or a flight from Vancouver.

More detailed instructions here.

What if I weigh more than 190 lbs?

The float plane weight limit is based on the plane's limit as well as the size and elevation of the lake it is taking off from.
The weight limit could be averaged between the whole group.
Example - person 1 - 200 lbs, person 2 - 180 lbs, person 3 - 170 lbs.
The whole group weighs together 550 lbs and their limit will be 570 lbs.

If the whole group still weighs more than the limit, a small plane could be used for the gear for an extra cost.

At what time are the float plane flights?

The float plane flights into NT are on Mondays and Thursdays (special flights are available).

Usually the flights from Nimpo Lake to NT will leave Nimpo lake at about 9:30-10:30 and the flights from NT to Nimpo Lake will leave at aobut 10:00-11:00.

You should be at the dock 45 min ahead of time.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

You can find our payment and cancellation policy here.

Are the hiking trails marked and what's their level?

All of our hiking trails and canoeing days are well marked. You can also find a GPX recording for all of our trails.
The trails vary in difficulty level and most of our tails can be done in a short and easy version and in a longer and more strenuous version.

Who is Nuk Tessli suited for?

Nuk Tessli is suited for all ages and types of groups.
Every summer we get families with young kids, couples, older groups etc.

Every morning we'll make a decision together on your activity. Based on your abilities, energy level and the weather.

Do we have to take a guide?

Our trails at Nuk Tessli are well marked. Having said that, they're not as marked as trails in the Rockies, Whistler etc.
You can choose to go unguided if you feel comfortable enough in the backcountry. A guide can defiantly enhance your experience but it's up to you. Some decide to take a guide for a day or two.

You don't have to make the decision on it upon booking but, if there's more then 1 or 2 groups wanting a guide, the group that per-booked the guide will get priority.

Will special Dietary requirements be a problem?

Please let us know about your dietary requirements upon booking. We can cater most requirements but still please remember that Nuk Tessli is a secluded alpine hiking lodge.
More info about our meals / food

Will I be sharing my cabin with other guests?

No. We don't mix different groups in the same cabin.
Your family / group will get their own private cabin as discussed during your reservation.
More info about our cabins

Should I tip the staff?

Tipping our staff is greatly appreciated but not obligatory.

Are pets allowed at Nuk Tessli?

We allow dogs at Nuk Tessli. Please note that the dog is part of your weight (and room) limit and if you exceed the weight limit, you'll need to pay for an extra cost. Please consult us while booking your stay.

What kind of facilities/amenities should I expect to find at Nuk Tessli's cabins?

A private shower, compost toilet, 12v electricity and more. Fine out all about our cabins and dome here.

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