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Solo visit to Nuk Tessli

Nuk Tessli is such an amazing and unique place, we would love to share it with anyone who'd want to.

If you're a solo hiker and want to visit Nuk Tessli, we have some options for you.


Each cabin has a total of four beds with two beds on each floor.

As a solo hiker, you'll be sharing the cabin with up to three other solo hikers.

Each cabin has it's own private compost toilet, private shower and more.

For information about the cabins can be found here.

The hiking

The Nuk Tessli Wilderness is not the type of place pepole should be hiking solo. It's vast, wild and you won't meet anyone else along the trail.

So what are your options?

1. Hike with one of the other solos hikers you'll meet at Nuk Tessli when you visit.

2. Hire a hiking guide for $250 CAD plus 5% GST per day (a group of one) or $130 CAD plus 5% GST per person per day for a group of two or more solo hikers.

3. You're confident experienced hiker? Although we don't recommend it, you can still go solo.

*All of our hiking trails are well marked and all have a GPX recording.

** All hiking groups will be given a GPS tracker device for their safety.

Pricing and availability:

1. June 24, 2024 for 3 or 7 nights.

2. June 27, 2024 for 4 nights.

3. July 15, 2024 for 3 nights.

4. Sep 23, 2024 for 3 or 7 nights.

5. A glamping dome might be an option for August - September. Depending on availability.

*Other dates might be available upon request.


1. Three nights - $1,800 CAD plus tax.

2. Four nights - $2,160 CAD plus tax.

3. Seven nights - $3,240 CAD plus tax.

The price includes both float plane flights to Nuk Tessli and back to Nimpo Lake, shared cabin with up to 3 guests, all meals and use of the canoes, kayaks, hot tub etc.

Payment and cancellation policy can be found here.

Sunset over Chris's Cabin. Photo by Jamie Trudgeo.jpeg
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