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Guided hiking and Special Trips - Enhance your adventure

Our special trips will take you into the heart of the Coastal Mountains, to remote and untouched backcountry wilderness that will leave you with memories you won't forget.

Ape lake

Ape Lake (Symphony Lake):

One of the most special places you'll ever get to explore is Ape Lake.

Ape Lake is a small and beautiful lake located between many big peaks and two massive glaciers and the Monarch Ice Field.

The Ape Lake area offers several hiking days. Some of the hiking areas used to be the bottom of Ape Lake (up until the late 1980's), making this area so unique and amazing.

Ape Lake can be explored as a day trip (most common) or as an overnight trip.

Prices: Contact us for more information.


Guided days:

Nuk Tessli is located in the beautiful wilderness of the Coastal Mountains.

We highly recommend to take one of our guides in order to truly enjoy our pristine wilderness.

Some of the recommended hiking days to go on with a guide would be: Angelheart Lake loop, Flat Top Mountain and Boundary Lake.

Prices: Our guided days start at $130 CAD plus tax. Contact us for more information.

Wildrerness Lake

Wilderness Lake:

Wilderness Lake is a beautiful lake located between Wilderness Mountain and Flat Top Mountain.

Located high in the alpine, it offers a few day trips which involves glacial lakes, high alpine tarns and amazing scenery.


Day 1 - Hiking to Wilderness Lake - Today we'll head out from Nuk Tessli to Wilderness Lake. A short boat ride will take us to the other side of the Nuk Tessli Lake. From there, we'll hike for 12 km to the Wilderness Cabin, where we'll spend the night.

Day 2 - Today we have to options:

1. If glaciers is what you're looking for, we'll hike up to Moonlight Lake and Wilderness Glacier.

2. If amazing scenery and alpine views is what your heart desires, we'll head up to Flat Top Mountain and get the amazing views of the Monarch Massif, Wilderness Mountain and much more.

Day 3 - Morning flight back to Nimpo Lake.

Prices: Contact us for more information.

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