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The Great Glacial Adventure

The Coastal Mountains is home to some of the biggest glaciers and ice fields in North America.
In addition, the Coastal Mountains are twice as big as the Canadian Rockies and are far less visited by tourists - so expect to be 'wowed' without the crowds.
Our Great Glacial Adventure will take you to one of the most remote and untouched areas in the vast Coastal Mountains.
This unique wilderness experience will start with a couple hiking days at Ape Lake: surrounded by sheer glaciers and unique rock formations, this is truly one of the most amazing places you'll ever visit.
Then, our trip will take us backpacking to Jacobson Lake with some amazing ice field views and a close look at Jacobson Glacier flowing into Jacobson Lake.

This hiking adventure is suited for avid wilderness explorers who would like to explore a new terrain with no marked trails, no tourists and no worries.

Day 1 |  | Nimpo Lake 

This amazing trip will start at the meeting point at Stewart's Lodge in Nimpo Lake.

To get here, you'll need to drive up or take a short flight out of Vancouver to Anahim Lake, where we'll pick you up and bring you to Stewart's Lodge. More information about how to get to Nimpo Lake, here.

We'll have dinner at Stewart's Lodge and stay the night in one of the lovely little cabins.

The Ape Lake scenery.JPG

Day 2 |  | Welcome to the amazing Coastal Mountains

Our trip will start by flying with a couple small float planes from Nimpo Lake to Ape Lake (Symphony Lake). This is an amazing flight that will take us over the massive Monarch Ice Field, along some big cliffs, many sheer waterfalls and beautiful turquoise lakes.
We'll set up our tent camp at Ape Lake and go for a day hike to the smaller glacier, right in front of us. 
With some luck we'll be able to explore the waterfalls, ice caves and much more before camping beneath the vast night sky at Ape Lake.


Day 3 |  | Ape Glacier

Our adventure at Ape Lake will take us to Ape Glacier.
On our way, we'll cross a couple of rivers and streams and walk on the bottom of what used to be the old Ape Lake. 
Our route will take us through some amazing rock formations shaped by the glacier. 
We'll head back to camp in the afternoon for our second and last night at Ape Lake.
Night at Ape Lake (tents).


Day 4 |  | Backpacking

The trail will take us along the glacier and above the tree line to our next camping spot crossing some meadows and low bush areas. 
Our camping spot will be on the shore of a small and beautiful alpine lake on the edge of a small glacier.  This little lake is located high in the alpine and has some amazing scenery making it a little peace of heaven.


Day 5 |  | The glacier view trail

Today is our most challenging and adventurous day. 
Our trail will take us down from our camping spot along the ridge over Jacobson Glacier to the edge of the lake where a small boat will be waiting to take us to the far end of the lake where we'll set up our tent camp. 
The trail will take us along the ridge above Jacobson Glacier - where you will have uninterrupted views of the massive carving and flowing down the glacial valley.
The Monarch Ice Field is the biggest ice field outside of the polar circle and it's hard the grasp it's size.
We'll set up camp on the shores of Jacobson Lake and have a small bonfire to the sunset views over Mt Jacobson.

Night at Jacobson Lake (tents).


Day 6 |  | Jacobson Lake and Glacier

Jacobson Lake is located in the heart of the Coastal Mountains and it's truly one of the most unique and wild places in BC.  We'll start our day with breakfast in front of the glaciers and then we'll go for a ride on a small boat in front of the glacier wall that flows and breaks into Jacobson Lake.  If we're lucky, we might see some ice breaking. 
Then, we'll dock in a safe place and hike for about 30 minutes to the edge of the glacier. On the way, we'll get some amazing views of the glaciers and mountains around. 
In the afternoon we'll return back to Nimpo Lake via float plane.

boat - compressed.JPG

Days 7-10 |  | Nuk Tessli - Optional

If you would like to extend your hiking vacation, it's possible to add 1-4 days at Nuk Tessli where you'll be sleeping in our comfy log cabins, going on day hikes and also canoeing.
This part of the trip is optional and it's not included in the trip's price.

Dates, cost and administrations

  • Cost - The cost depends on the number of guests:

  • Small group - up to 8 guests.

  • Enough staff members to help carry the group's equipment.

  • Sleeping bags, sleeping pads tents and cooking equipment included (you are welcome to bring your own if you would like).

  • Fitness required:
    This is not an easy trip. All nights are in tents. All hiking days are 10-15 km. When backpacking, you'll be required to carry your personal gear including your sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
    Our staff will help with carrying the group equipment.

  • The trip starts at Stewart's Lodge in Nimpo Lake on XXXX, 2022 where we'll spend the night.

  • The trip ends at Tweedsmuir Air in Nimpo Lake in the afternoon on XXXX, 2022.
    * You are more them welcome to ask for our assistance in booking the nights of XXXX, 2022 and XXXX, 2022 into Nimpo Lake or Anahim Lake.
    * There are more sleeping options at Anahim Lake.

Cost includes

  • Sleeping in tents all days of the trip.

  • Two guests per tent.

  • All meals and snacks along the trip.

  • Two float plane flights (Weather allowing).


Cost does not include

  • Flights or other transportation to Tweedsmuir Air at Nimpo Lake, BC.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Tip to our guides etc.

  • Days 7-10 are not included and are optional (please ask us about adding them to your trip).

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