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The Bella Coola Valley

The Bella Coola valley is one of BC most special gems.
Located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, Bella Coola has so much to offer.

Beautiful scenery, great community and lots of activities. This valley has it all.

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Bella Coola grizzly bear viewing

One of the most common activities in Bella Coola is Grizzly Bear Viewing along the Atnarko River.

There are two ways to do so:

1. Guided tour down the Atnarko River- There are a few companies who offer a three hour tour down the river. These tour maximize your chances to see Grizzly bears from a close distance.

2. Viewing spots - There are two designated Grizzly bear viewing spots: Belarko Wildlife Viewing Platform and Fisheries Pool Campground.
Both places are good to watch for Grizzlybears fishing for Salmon. Just be patient and wait for them to come.

The best time to see bears is September - mid October.

Over The Top Adventures offers guided hiking in Bella Coola. Check them out.

Bella Coola hiking trails

Bella Coola offers a verity of hiking trails all along the valley.

Some of the more pupolar Bella Coola hiking trails will be:

1. M Gurr Lake Loop (3km, 300m elevation gain) - This is probably the best hiking trail in the Bella Coola Valley.

It offers amazing 360 degree scenery of the fjord, the valley and the massive Coastal Mountains. More info.

2. Burnt Bridge loop trail (5km, 200m elevation gain) - This moderate level hiking trail will give you some great valley views along with a beautiful forest walk. Trail parking.

3. Snooka West trail (5km, 245m elevation gain) - This is a classic Great Bear Rainforest trail. The trail will lead you through a beautiful and mossy rainforest. More info.

4. Schoolhouse Mountain Falls Trail (2.7km, 260m elevation gain) - This is another classic Bella Coola hiking trail. The hike will take you through the majestic Great Bear rainforest and lead you to the beautiful waterfalls. More info.

The Bella Coola fjord

The Bella Coola fjord is long, narrow and surrounded by high glacial peaks.

Sailing or Kayaking are two of the best options to explore this amazing terrain.

Sailing Bella Coola - Great Bear Sailing Adventures offers a verity day and multi day trips to the Bella Coola fjord and the Great Bear Rainforest.

Hot springs, bear viewing, waterfalls, massive cliffs and beautiful mountains. You can find it all.

Kayaking in Bella Coola - Aegir Adventures Sea Kayaking are offering beautiful sea kayaking day trips in the Bella Coola fjord.

BC Ferries - BC Ferries runs a ferry between Port Hardy (Vancouver island) and Bella Coola. This is a great way to do a loop trip and explore the island as well.

Lodging & camping at Bella Coola

Bella Coola has some beautiful lodges, camping spots, glamping and B&B.

Here are some lodging and camping options you should check out in Bella Coola:

1. Bella Coole Eagle Lodge - A beautiful family lodge with amazing scenery in its backyard.

2. Rip Rap Campgrounds & Cabins - If you're looking for a beautiful spot for your camper on the Bella Coola River, this is the place for you.

3. Firvale Camp - This is probably one of the best glamping spots in BC.

Nuxalk Nation

The indigenous community has a long and rich history in the Bella Coola Valley.
Bella Coola is home to the Nuxalk Nation and if you're interested in getting to know the history of this beautiful land and its heritage,
Copper Sun Journeys is a great way to do so.

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